Marc Sisco

Sisco was born in the United States in New Jersey. He has been producing music since 2011 using a wide variety of computers, synthesizers and MIDI controller keyboards. In 2008, after reading and researching many books on music softwares, and studying the piano, he became a self-taught artist with the desire to compose music. All of Sisco's works are solely produced.

In 2015, Sisco studied Audio Engineering at an accredited school. He then became certified in this field and had been a board operator for a few years. He also became successful in operating studio cameras and lighting.

His music is a mix of Synth-Pop, Techno, and a dash of Ambient Vibes. It's purely instrumental composition; although Sisco records voice-over effects for a more unique sounding quality.

Currently, Sisco has written and composed 4 albums that have progressed over time.
As the years go on, Sisco will continue to compose music with the most unique, well thought out, and creative energy his music brings to the world. 

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